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Grantham Roofing Services Limited are able to provide a cost effective alternative to the complete roof or wall cladding replacement by offering overlay cladding systems which may be adapted to suit most pitched roofs and wall cladding.

This entails leaving the existing roof or wall cladding in place thus, ensuring that the original building remains protected from the elements, whilst a proprietary secondary support spacer system is installed to support the new external skin of roof or wall covering.

A choice of roof and cladding systems can be installed in a variety of colours and profiles whilst providing an ideal opportunity to consider the introduction of additional insulation to provide a more thermally efficient envelope to reduce both heat loss and energy costs and to comply with the Building Regulations in terms of the current requirements regarding upgrading thermal values.

A considerable cost saving may be achieved using these types of overlay cladding systems in terms of the price difference to that of the total replacement cost and the saving in business disruption as these works can normally be carried out without disturbance.