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Grantham Roofing Services Limited has seen significant growth of our market share in slating and tiling recently not only for the local authorities and developers but also on an individual project basis.

We are able to provide a large diverse range of products from all the leading manufacturers of roof slates and tiles enabling us to competitively tender for projects both large and small together with our assured quality of expertise and workmanship.

We are able to supply and install plain and interlocking roof slates in both natural and fibre cement and also interlocking roof tiles in both concrete and clay all in conjunction with a multitude of ventilating products and dry fix systems covering the design requirements of all types of new and existing buildings.

We are also experienced in the design and craftsmanship required in older properties whilst still retaining a high level of workmanship when carrying out the high production demands of the modern house developments.

As an alternative to more the traditional types of roof tiling systems, we are also able to offer lightweight decorative finished galvanised steel roof tiles with the appearance of clay or concrete tiles, but with the advantage of their lightweight properties and their ability to withstand significant wind speeds making them particularly popular for use in exposed areas.