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Liquid coating, as the name implies, involves the site application of a specialised roof waterproofing system which, when cured, will form a seamless roof membrane.

Grantham Roofing Services Limited are an approved contractor for both Tor Coatings Limited and Kemper Limited, two of the leading UK manufacturers of liquid applied coatings systems.

This type of coating may be successfully applied to built up felt, bitumen and asphalt roofs and in addition, there is a non slip derivative that is particularly suitable for private balconies and for external communal walkways, landings and stairs found in most of the UK's multi-storey housing stock.

The distinct advantage of this type of system is that is does not involve heat or the removal of the existing roof covering and consequently the building will remain weathered with no disruption to the operations inside.

This represents a cost effective solution to more drastic major roof overhaul works and these liquid coating systems are currently available which can achieve either 10, 15, 20 or 25 year manufacturer's guarantees.