The Recession

Published 1st March 2013. Comments: 0

Despite the global economy, Grantham Roofing is still maintaining a positive position with orders forthcoming for projects for the MOD at RAF Coningsby & RAF Lakenheath, Mole Valley Farmers, Harveys and Wickes to mention a few.

At Grantham Roofing we believe that, to succeed in the present economic climate, business must change and adapt to the needs of the customer in order to survive this recession and that repeat business, a sound financial base and a diverse range of services is the key to a successful business strategy.

We also believe that fairness in dealing with our supply chain and supporting our local businesses where possible, particularly the small ones, is particularly important as is the relationships they subsequently develop.

As with the recession in the 1980s, this one will end at some point and, until then we must maintain a positive attitude.


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