Don't build! Improve!!

Published 23rd August 2012. Comments: 0

We sure extremely pleased to have been awarded the contract to install an overlay cladding system to the existing retail units at Fleet Road in Holbeach, Lincolnshire on behalf of the Client, The Lincoln Corn Exchange & Markets (1991) Limited, part of the Lincolnshire Co-Operative. 

The works will consist of the installation of a new external skin of plastisol finished  profiled metal cladding complete with a secondary support system and insulation leaving the existing roof cladding insitu.

The new roofing system will provide a three fold benefit to the existing buildings which are currently clad with asbestos cement profiled sheets.

The first benefit is the upgrade of the building's thermal properties by the addition of extra insulation incorporated within the new roof construction in compliance with the current Building Regulations resulting in reduced heating costs. 

The second benefit is that the roof leaks which happen during bouts of adverse weather will no longer occur resulting in the prevention of any disruption to the businesses below or future stock damage. 

The final benefit is that, apart from encapsulating the existing asbestos cement sheeting, the building will have a newly built appearance and feel significantly improving the aesthetics particularly as the existing curved eaves will be replicated withing the new roof cladding design make the building stand out from the normally bland typical industrial units.

We look forward to showcasing the  photographs of the completed project on our gallery page shortly. 


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