Ministry of Justice - HMP North Sea Camp - Frieston, Lincolnshire

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Working in close liaison with the Principal Contractor, the Ministry of Justice and the Prison Service, the re-cladding of the existing north and south accommodation blocks, the chapel, the education unit, the security and training block and the administration building was carried out without the necessity of re-locating prisoners or prison personnel.

The buildings were originally built by the prison inmates in 1935 and therefore they were in desperate need of an overhaul. 

The works included the installation of approximately 3000m² of an insulated over-lay roofing system leaving the existing asbestos cement roof cladding undisturbed and encapsulated.

A further 2300m² of overlay wall cladding complete with ancillary flashings to doors and windows were also installed completing the envelope of each building to provide an aesthetically 'new build' appearance with the added advantage of an upgraded thermal efficiency achieving compliance with current Building Begulation requirements.

Unfortunately, due to security issues, no photography is permitted and therefore regrettably no photographs are available for this particular project.